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centralized account management

Account management within the Randstad organization has been laid down in a formal Concept Description. Please find below the organizational chart for Randstad Life Sciences:

The Life Sciences Director offers all members of a company a single point-of-contact for their needs.
The Life Sciences Director supervises all activities related to the central management of the international agreement and focuses the whole dedicated account team for on an excellent client-facing performance and a superior delivery on expectations.

The Life Sciences Development Manager steps in to manage everything that needs to be done within the Randstad organization. This dedicated person develops/recommends rollout strategies for implementation.
The Life Sciences Development Manager works with the local Randstad implementation team to assure proper start-ups at each location and makes sure everything is put in place to deliver the services as agreed.
This could occur at the beginning of a contract, or for new locations added at a later date.

The Life Sciences Account Officer is committed to thoroughly understanding of the client’s needs and properly provides support in terms of information gathering/consolidation during RFI’s and RFP’s, practical advice, structural knowledge transfer, process guidance and active involvement in organizing management reporting for the life sciences clients.

A close and continuously communication between the Life Sciences Director, the Life Sciences Development Manager and the other members of the implementation team on the one hand and the client on the other hand is crucial.
This is organised via a standard process of reciprocal progress reporting via phone conversations, teleconferences and e-mail as well as via meetings.
Any issues with adherence to the development of the relationship at any level and to compliance to the central contract are addressed properly and without delay.
Involvement of the respective counterparts within the client is managed accordingly.